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Residential Solar Investment

Increase your home's value while producing reliable solar energy with an award winning system. Cut utility dependence up to 100%!

Residential Solar Power

Our superior home installers will leave your property with reliable and cost effective power. Have the sun pay your electric bill. Start With A Free Consultation.

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Commercial Solar Investment

Our commercial systems ensure that any business can be future-proofed with durable solar power. On-Grid & Off-Grid systems.

Commercial Solar Power

Our certified team installs installs on all roof types. We even provide AC coupling and emergency back-up. More affordable than power from your local utility. Get Started!

Building Arizona's Most Advanced Solar Power Systems

Proudly making Affordable Solar Power Systems statewide

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Produce Your Own Electricity And Eliminate Your Dependence On The Power Company Now!

When leasing with Custom Solar Solutions AZ, you can "Go-Solar" with little or nothing down. All our commercial grade solar panels is warranted for the entire term of the lease. While reducing your Phoenix electric bill immensely, solar provides up to a 14% annual return or more tax free! Replace that rising electric bill with a stable payment using our custom solar powered system. Contact us for small pre-paid options that come with NO monthly payment at all.

Not one customer has left us, one reason why Custom Solar Solutions AZ is your top choice for a custom commercial and residential Arizona solar panels system. Our ever lasting commitment to customer satisfaction is brought to you through each staff member. Our certified solar installation team value our customers in every job, providing craftsmanship and reliablility in each installation.

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Solar Power Done Right

Solar energy is the future and the future is now!

Commercial Solar Panels

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How To Get Solar?

We Do All The Work - Once we complete a custom design to give the site the best possible solar efficiency. Our solar staff takes over...

solar panel design

A dedicated expert team reserved for your project will submit all necessary paperwork for construction permits as well as to the utility company for your rebate. If there is an HOA our staff will supply all information for their records. All you do is sit back and relax.

With such a great track record of design and installations, it won't be long until the utility company approves the job to begin the real work - Installation.

There are two inspections in this step.

  1. Building Permit Inspection
  2. Final Inspection To Activate The System

solar panel install

Prior to starting, the owner is well aware of the entire Arizona solar power install. Then in order, our technicians install the solar panel rack, install our state of the art conduits, inverter(s), meter and circuit breaker and finally install each panel correctly the first time.

See Our Installs.

A personal staff member explains the operation of the system and answers any questions. Also, our team performs a data collection to confirm maximum efficiency.

Enjoy knowing that you will have a stable monthly payment and have eliminated your dependece on the power company. Go Solar Today!

Maximizing value Through Power! ...what customers want

Our solar brands give us the Arizona Solar Power advantage of providing a better product.